Ogeda is a clinical-stage drug discovery company that invents and develops small molecule drugs targeting G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)

Ogeda’s orally-available and highly specific lead product fezolinetant (ESN364) is in Phase II clinical development for the treatment of Women’s Health Disorders

Ogeda leads the development of NK3 antagonists for the treatment of hormone-dependent pathologies in Women's Health. Our lead product, fezolinetant has shown positive results in a Phase IIa proof-of-concept clinical study in Menopausal Hot Flashes, and studies in PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Uterine Fibroids are in progress. Ogeda's portfolio further includes several pre-clinical drug discovery programs in endocrine, CNS and/or inflammatory disorders.

Mission & Vision

Ogeda’s mission is to invent and develop first-in-class small molecule drugs based on our expertise in GPCRs. We focus on sizeable market opportunities and develop products to meet high value-added endpoints. We constantly balance risk and reward in determining if and when to partner our programs.

Company timeline

  • 1994     Euroscreen incorporated as ULB (University of Brussels) spin-off
  • 2007     Euroscreen Products sold to Perkin Elmer and start of internal drug discovery
  • 2012     EUR 12m Series A round completed to fund early clinical development of fezolinetant (ESN364)
  • 2013     Start of Phase I clinical trials with fezolinetant
  • 2014     Fezolinetant Phase I trial successfully completed
  • 2015     Start of three parallel Phase II clinical trials in Women’s Health with fezolinetant
  • 2015     EUR 18m Series B round completed to fund Phase II clinical development of fezolinetant
  • 2016     Fezolinetant positive Phase IIa data in menopausal hot flashes
  • 2017     Astellas acquires Ogeda